Thank you for a fruitful 2nd trim

Thank God for a good grade in Principles & Assessments… Until now I am still waiting for my grade in Philippine Education System.  I hope and pray; I will receive a better marking. I am very thankful for people who also prayed for the final exam of this subject.  I also learned to go to a new location on my own.  During that moment, I became independent…somehow. =)

When it comes to creativity, it has been a good achievement. With regards to reading, I need to have more patience & more fast pace.  But it is important to really take down notes which I have realized this semester that I should continuously be doing with my entire life. It allows me to remember well the terms & concepts.  I have been lazy writing this 2nd trimester. For discussion forums, I was able to reply but I never had the chance to monitor the replies of my other classmates.  Unfortunately, I miss sharing insights with eJournals of my classmates and this is what I should do for this last trimester.

Interviews are wonderful experience; however, for surveys I should be working hard to make it easier to answer & should not be time consuming.  My weak part, I need to read and re-read the directions & guidelines.

One more semester, another chapter will begin again… But I am so excited….

Again, thank you very much for my professors, school staffs, family & friends…. =)

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Time for Improvements

As I start this 2nd trimester, I make it a point to have some developments of the following:

  1.  Do what I have not done last semester.
  2. Be creative on my blog accounts.
  3. Little by little get to know some classmates & reply on their posts.
  4. Never be lazy to read the guide questions.
  5. Just enjoy reading by starting smaller sections.

But I still need to remind myself, do what I can do and never wait for tomorrow until I realize I did not meet again the deadlines.  I should strive harder, but do not let pressures rule my life.  Take it easy, because God saves whatever happens. There’s always solutions to every problem.  Before I realize it, it has been already resolved.  Why waste time worrying instead of just enjoying what I have at this present moment.  I should be contented on this blessing…

This is my first step to go beyond my boundaries… Goodnight & sweet dreams everyone…=)



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The Finale

From the seven journals that I have done, I do believe I have acquired the required knowledge that are necessary for my teaching career.  There were transformations compared from what I just believed before I take Professional Teaching Certification that when one teach it is enough that you explain and make some applications to test if students remembered it or not.  Shared experiences from family & friends helped a lot but going through the readings that I had from the different modules provided me some clarity what is the reality in the field of education.

From all the theories, I like best Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory.  It greatly changed my perspective that in giving instruction for a classroom setting it must be varied since in a learning environment students differ in character, attitude, preferences & interests.  Before and until now there are still terror instructors, with the Behaviorist Approach, I  realized that good surroundings greatly affect the behavior of children and I should possess & maintain positive disposition.  I should be careful on my words & actions because I would be followed and imitated. Pupils should be treated equally and a teacher should be able to have much sensitivity when they display difficulty or even mischievousness, rudeness or disrespect. With regards to Social & Cognitive Learning, collaborations & development of mental abilities should also be taken in consideration because students learn best when they think critically, share ideas with peers or with their teacher which I could relate from the group assignments that I had.   As  an educator, I want to be a facilitator who continuously guides, supports, encourage and monitor regularly the students’ performance in class.

Above all, applying the different principles must be executed with creativity which I have proven when I had my teaching demonstration.  This theories served a significant purpose on my first class discussion because it resulted to an active participation & my first students were very enthusiastic as well.

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Learning & Teaching

Learning new things will always depend on my mood.  There would be moments that I need to think deeply if it will fit on what I usually do.  But as situation dictates, not all your preferences can be followed because most of the time I would come across on what I do not usually do and like.  At first, I would have hesitations & never-ending complains but once I am well-disposed, little by little I will give it a try by making connections on what I knew & being open to new information.  When I am attuned with it, I will give time and dedication without realizing that I have already completed it.  The best scenarios that I had lately were being able to accomplish a teaching demo & a talk for the Charismatic Youth Ministry in our parish.  With God’s grace, I made it.  I am very grateful and I am now considering it as a wonderful experience because I have gained a skill & improved a weakness that I have been struggling for a long period of time.

Since childhood up to now, I am a very reserved person.  I want someone who is more knowledgeable than me.  I am afraid to share my thoughts & feelings. I also hate talking in front of many people & teaching a particular topic because it requires enough preparations like research & make creative inputs.  “What ifs” would always come on my head.  What if I got a mistake? What if I do not make sense? What if they laugh on my ideas?  Until now, I am still on the process of teaching myself on how to believe on myself, be resourceful and to be ready on whatever risks.  For many years, I am in a condition wherein all the possibilities and answers to my questions are being handed over me. I think it’s because I am the youngest and the only girl in the family.  Another reason could be I studied in an exclusive school since kindergarten & almost half of my life I was  in a private piano instruction setting but for my last years in college, my piano professor was very influential to me.  She taught me to be organized in all aspects in performance & in teaching.  She always requires me to have full understanding  & be very analytical on my readings and to test this is to give a clear explanation with a concrete examples on what I have read.  It is necessary also to be ready on unexpected questions.

As a future teacher, I hope and pray my students will enjoy my subject.  But before anything else, I need to create well an instructional plan that could address different needs & provide every solution for distinct learning styles for each pupil.  I need to master the content well; be creative &  innovative; exchange insights with other teachers & build good interaction with learners.  But above all else, I should fully apply the learning theories.  I do believe learning theories will not serve its purpose when not used in real classroom setting.

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Cognitive Learning

As we end this 1st trimester, I wish my learning ability is like a computer that whenever I gained information I could process, organize it in various ways & apply right away the learned knowledge (Schunk, 2004).  In this case, I do not need to go back and check the things that I have previously read from the articles.  The problem with me, until now I do not summarize right away the things that I have read and do not spend much time answering the guide questions.  I am still struggling on this aspect but I am hoping that it is not yet too late to improve.  I have to remind myself over and over again that I should do it & keep on doing it.

But at one point in my life, I am also similar to a computer because I have saved folders that is also existing in my life.  It was very automatic, I did not exert efforts, the full pictures were very much vivid & greatly stored on my mind (Driscoll, 2001).  I am very much ready to share it right away. This are the wonderful memories that I could still remember and would truly cherish until my last breath.  I remember the first time I attended school; the owner & my first teacher was my godmother.  I like the setting, aside from the playground there was a beautiful garden in front with very lovely orchids. Even if I know how to write and know a little on alphabets and numbers which were taught by my mother & brother, I was very shy & I was really crying the whole time.  I never expected that my parents & our house helpers would leave me & I would be left with my classmates.

Moving towards memorization, since childhood I learned memorizing songs through root singing, for poems by lines & for piano pieces by sections.  But as I grow older, I observed that when learning things it is already in big amounts.  I could relate it when I was a music student.  As you go to another level, the pages of my music scores are increasing.  There are some genres that could be remembered easily but not all.  I am very much fulfilled when I could play my memorized piano music smoothly, applying all the learned concepts & being able to display expression.  I feel very embarrassed when I forget some details because one hundred percent sure it will lead to questioning my own capabilities.  I do agree with “chunking” information by categorizing into small group of ideas (Huitt, 2000).  It was very effective to me, not just in music but when it comes to different facts from other subjects.  I enjoyed most when I could formulate acronyms.

Cramming never works for me, I need ample time to review & absorb well the topics. The four basic ways of memory retrieval are best helpful for me & suits my personality: recall, recollection, recognition & relearning (Cherry, K.).  I am the type of person that must do sufficient preparations because as I would assess myself I work best & produce better performance if I am well-prepared.

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Self-Efficacy & A Good Model

Self-efficacy is the important behavior that I need to posses and establish on this online education, which I could also give as an advice for my classmates and incoming students as well.  Having this new educational setting, I came to realize I should consistently exhibit positive disposition, keep striving harder no matter how difficult the situation and be focus on new learning & new development of skills and abilities.  I do believe this kind of challenges are preparations for new opportunities and  are very helpful especially when I am already part of the field of education.

Having a strong self-efficacy must be manifested first on myself so that once I fully attained this, I can greatly impart this on my future students.  On that moment, as a teacher, I will be the role model which I should be very responsible because I would be observed, followed and imitated by my pupils.  I am held accountable for the outcome of my learners.

Torda, E. – Models and Mentors of My Life

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I do believe that behaviour  greatly shapes one person especially from the environment that he or she belonged to (Kendra Cherry, 2005).  On my personal experience, it had a very strong impact on me.

During my childhood days, I was trained on different etiquettes when eating, choosing appropriate clothes on a particular occasion, and on how to behave at the church or in special events like parties or reunion.  On adult conversations, we were taught that we could only listen and we could only speak unless someone raised a question. On my adolescent years, I should follow at all times the curfew because if I would disobey there is a certain consequence like not being able to be permitted to go out with friends or use the telephone. With this situation, whether I like it or not, I need to show obedience because it is for my own good, safety and I do not want to be scolded because it will just ruin my day & my mood.  Reaching the age of 31, John B. Watson’s theory of Behaviorism is very much appropriate to me; the examples that I stated became very helpful and rewarding because I learned to be formal, to always look presentable, to be time conscious and to show respect especially to the elderly.  As I grow older, the behaviors that I acquired was very much refined through the help of my parents who raised us to have a conservative and religious life (Kendra, 2005).  I observe seriously laws because on my point of view, without rules there would be a disorder.  However, when it comes to rules and regulations there are some aspects that could be abusive and at times, even if I am not comfortable anymore I would still follow because I do not want to have some conflicts with the person in authority.  This is where I should improve because there would be instances that I am entitled also to defend my rights; I just have to do it in a proper and very calm manner.

At this present moment, with the influence of social media or changes on the norms of society, it would be a little difficult to impose strict discipline always.  It is important to evaluate well the relevance, purpose and goals of every rule as long as the good moral values and right conduct are not being sacrificed at homes and in schools. At a very young age, a child must have good surroundings which should be well-established by parents and teachers (Rayner & Watson, 1920). There are various positive approaches to remedy undesirable attitudes and negative emotions (Schunk, 2012, p.83).  To be specific, in order to overcome fear of a child, one should provide continuous encouragements to be able to gain self-esteem and self-confidence when facing groups of people. For development of skills, an example when conducting a music class, in every good effort, a simple reward must be given in order for individuals to strive harder to have regular practice which could lead to regular habits and would always aim for improvements & look for performing opportunities.  But part of the challenge of being an educator is to be prepared and present different instruction methods for pupils who have less interest on the subject matter; they should not be ignored instead they should be valued as well (Thorndike, 1910).

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